cache configuration when using ssd

Should we move the zypper download cache (and other cache) when the system is installed on an ssd.
Kind regards

Hi, I personally didn’t move any cache out of my SSD, since now SSDs are no more as fragile as they were a few years back.
According to my SMART data (if I get those correct) I’m still left with some 99 years of SSD lifetime at the current usage rotfl!

Re zypper cache, it’s not as heavy with a regular release as 13.2; it might be if you were a Tumbleweed developer and tested several updates per day… so I see no problem there.
Some users argue about moving the browser’s cache, but, as said above, I didn’t see any real need for it with normal browsing usage.

My oldest SSD, an OCZ Agility3 has had 8.6TB’s written, now at 27.5K hours of power on time and still at 100% life curve status (The counter has yet to start), I’ve never worried about caching, have three other systems with SSD’s and they are all fine…

Thank you everybody.