Cable modem connection

After more than fifteen years with a dialup connection, I’m graduating to a cable modem connection. Can anyone point me to an easy Howto for connecting, Suse 11.1 w/ KDE 4.2.1? Or will Yast do it for me?

The modem won’t be installed for another week, but I wanted to get started reading before it arrives.

Thanks from a dinosaur.

It’s highly likely that the cable modem will give your computer an address by DHCP, so it should work out of the box with NetworkManager, or ifup with DHCP if you prefer.

It’s not known by us if your modem has a built-in firewall/router. If you intend to connect up a whole LAN to broadband you will need a router, either built-in the modem, as a separate piece of equipment, or to setup openSUSE as a router.

Thanks for the help. I just configured my NIC with network manager and I expect that’s all I’ll need to do.

I’m picking up a wireless router to connect my daughters laptop and that should have wired ports for my computer and my wifes.

Thanks again.