C# on linux

one more thing suse comes built in with microsoft’s “.NET”
i would like to find out if i have installed it and

how do i work on C# in opensuse

i know about mono but i think suse comes built-in with .net

plz give me the easiest possible solution

There is no built in .net you need mono to work with c#
Main Page - Mono
Mono - openSUSE
CSharp Compiler - Mono
Main Page - MonoDevelop


Technically, I believe that Mono is dotNET but is not the same as the Microsoft Framework.

The SuSE repository has everything you need to get a start if you want, development libraries, the Mono VB compiler, a version of MonoDevelop (which IMO is a bit buggy).

mono comes built in sue and i am able to crack it

here is the solution
1…vi filename.cs
2…mcs filename.cs or gmcs filename.cs
3…mono filename.exe

if you are ding some graphics related application it’s

mcs filename.cs -pkg:gtk-sharp-2.0

.NET takes languages that match the Common Language Specifications (CLS) such as C#, VB.NET, IronPython, etc. and compiles it down to the Common Runtime Language (CLR) which the .NET framework understands.

This CLR has standards and it is these standards that have been taken and re-worked into an open source framework called Mono. Mono works on Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris and on Windows it has been mentioned that Mono operates faster than .NET.

So while much of anything compiled to CLR will work in Mono it is not 100% but it is pretty good so far.

C# is the most supported language for Mono but considering all of the languages are compiled to the CLR, Mono should be able to run a list of languages (17? 19 languages?).

Monodevelop is the IDE for Mono, though there are a few plug-ins for MS Visual Studio. Monodevelop is, no surprise, more focused on C#.

Unfortunately I’m a VB.NET programmer and Monodevelop doesn’t do much for me.

post you bench please to show mono is faster then .net

I was curious about performance comparisons, too.

Googling only turns up a PPT presentation which makes a general statement that Mono might appear faster on some hardware due to “more specific hardware support.”

I’m not surprised that no benchmarks are published, IIRC it’s a condition of using Microsoft products… The EULA usually states you can’t.