C++ compiler problem in opensuse 11.1, MEMORY LEAK??

C++ Compiler problems…

Recently installed 11.1 as a full installation instead
of updating from 10.3.

We have a number of C++ projects here and I am attempting to
compile these projects under the 11.1 libraries, etc.

What I am seeing is that during the linker phase my memory
usage goes up and up until its exhausted and my system either reboots are just crashes.

Same project compiles and links fine under 10.3 's libraries.

Anyone else seeing this problem??


Curtis Rubel

mmory usage may vary between compiler versions, if you can provide more information than just “it crashes” fill a bug report at bugzilla.novell.com

I recently installed Opensuse 11.1, the “c” and c++ programs that I have written in Opensuse 10.3 do not correctly compile.

I have a lot of work invested in these programs. My solution was to re-install Opensuse 10.3

I will look at Opensuse 11.1 again later. I word of advise for Novell, build-in backward compatibility otherwise you will never catch-up-to Windows.

Laurence Martin

What sort of errors are you getting? Have you looked at changes between gcc-4.2 and gcc-4.4? I would suspect that the changes in gcc are more likely where your problem lies.

there are many compiler changes… an advice for you, write proper programs or they may break at anytime.