C/C++ Programming of Parallel Computers

I’m taking a class where I’m going to learn programming of parallel computers. Our teachers are using mac-comps and I’m sitting here with a win7 comp. I used suse for years and years but when I bought my present comp some months back it came with win7 included. Doing this in Windows seems to be a real hustle though. At the moment I’m planing to set up a double boot and all I see it “how to do parallell programming” done in ubuntu. Should I go with ubuntu or is there some neat way of doing this is suse? Anyone with some parallel programming experience on suse?

Where encouraged to go with the gnucc compiler and openMP. Might be others down the road as well.

Any pointers or tips?

If there is one thing for sure I am not into parallel programming and in fact I am into nice serial text based programming like you use in bash. But, I did find one link you might want to look at.

Parallel Programming Crash Course | Linux Journal

Anything Ubuntu can do, SUSE can do better, at least in my humble opinion and Good Luck in your research.

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Thanks for the link!

But what I really need is some link or what have you on how to set up a program letting me do the scripting and testing locally.

You mean like remote control of another PC? Look at this link: SDB:Configure openSSH - openSUSE

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Teacher told us to use openMPI. It’s in a repository so I got it through YaST.