C/C++ development....Confused

I guess when I install SUSE 11.1 there was an option to install the development environment…I didn’t see it. So I need to install stuff now. I have used gcc in cygwin enviroment, but I see there is more than just gcc, there is gcc++ and other rpm’s. In cygwin I was able to compile C++ with gcc so in SUSE do I need to install more than gcc? Also what debug environment is usually used gdb or eclipse? Thank you

You should use g++ for C++ and gcc to compile C programs.

As for a debugger, gdb is the defacto debugger. Learn gdb. If you would like to have more of a visual look and feel on top of gdb use ddd. As for eclipse, if you want a full featured IDE then eclipse will work. For now install the c/c++ development pattern (zypper in -t pattern devel_C_C++). That will include everything you need.

Thank you, that should get me going. I have 30 years of software development on windows platform using cygwin sometimes. Now I want to invest the time and learn Linux in order to get a job in that field. Big learning curve and I need all the help I can get!

I got the compiliers and notice that ctags was not included. Many moons ago I use to play with ctags and a vim plugin called taglist. What is the standard now a days. Is ctags still being used or is there something better? I use Vim as my main editor if that matters.

As a 20year windows programmer and other platforms. I would look in to wxWidgets.org for a windows programmer coming to linux.

The library is very similar to MFC and the windows api. This is where I went and it has a decent forum for help too.