C / C++ Compiler-Editor?

First of all, I’m an absolutely beginner at linux and openSuse. I dont even know how to install apps. I learned to install from repositories but I dont know how to install a script file… I dont even know anything about terminal.
So what I want is for now is apps that required to write C/C++ codes and compile them. Im at univ and I need to install these but I dont know which apps I should get or how to install them. I was using MS Visual Studio on windows…
So I used a lot of sentences that start with “I dont know…” Sorry for that and please help me :slight_smile: .

There are so many you could use. It really depends on exactly you want to do.

Best would be to install the development pattern. In Yast select the patterns tab. Find the Base Development pattern this will select many packages which you will need. Next select c/c++ and then the Integrated Development environment. This will install eclipse and other packages of interest.

That should get you started.