Buying Suse 11.0

I’m buying from this good site:
openSUSE Linux 11.0 : The Linux Store, Your Leading Source For Linux Products

anyways I’m wondering which one is the best:

i386 (1 DVD-R 4.3GB) ($9.97)
i386 (3 DD-Rs 700MB) ($10.97)

PPC (1 DVD-R 4.3GB) ($9.97)

x86_64 (1 DVD-R 4.3GB) ($9.97)
x86_64 (3 CD-Rs 700MB) ($10.97)

Right now I have suse 10.3 32Bit and I’m going to upgrade. Which one should I get to upgrade? What’s the difference? Which is better?

Buy the i386 DVD, simple as that :slight_smile:

the power pc one isn’t for u and u say u r running 32 bit right now so u obviously don’t need 64 bit and comaped to cd’s and dvd, the dvd has more software.

Plus with the DVD you don’t have to sit there as you install stuff. With the fun old

Insert Disk one, then 3, then 4, then back to one.