Buttons of the "save as" dialog are unreachable

I am using SUSE 10.1 with fvwm2 and Adobe Reader 8.1.1 resp. 8.1.2. When a user wants to save a PDF file to a USB-disk or so, he clicks onto the “save as” button. Then a dialog pops up, where the user can select the location where to save the data. This dialog is collapsed by default, so the user sees only the Buttons “Cancel” and “OK” and a tiny triangle to expand the dialog (screenshot: http://freenet-homepage.de/motherbrain/curimg/Bildschirmfoto-2.png). When the user clicks onto the triangle, the dialog expands downward. Unfortunately so far downward, that the user can not reach the buttons. (screenshot: http://freenet-homepage.de/motherbrain/curimg/Bildschirmfoto-3.png ). After the user has chosen the path to the desired location where to store his data, the only way to complete the task is to collapse the dialog by clicking once again onto the tiny triangle.
First i tried to increase the resolution of the screenoutput, which helped, but then everything got too tiny on the screen. Then i asked the Adobe people, but they say that adobe reader uses the default configuration of the os, which places all the windows in the center of the screen.
So i try asking here. :slight_smile: Is there any way to change the file picker dialog?

PS: The fvwm machines don’t have any screenshot softwware. The screenshots are made on a machine that works with Gnome, but nevertheless you can see the above described problem on the screenshots very clearly.