Button Links Broken in Forum

Note the Downloads, Support, Community & Development button links at the top of the pages:

They all go to an Apache error:

**Not Found**

 The requested URL /sitemap was not found on this server.
 Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I can confirm that this already the case for a long time.

… does that mean that nobody will fix it, then?:expressionless:

I’ll see if I can get some further information about this from our admin team. It would be good to have them working properly of course. :slight_smile:

Thanks, deano. I can live without it, but I think it does reflect on our distro and community, so it would be good to have it fixed.:slight_smile:

Absolutely, I agree.

With Malcolm’s feedback I understand that you need to left-click on the links and a choose from the options presented. I wonder if you were making the mistake I did with trying to open up a new tab. That will give a 404 error. :shame: So, it seems as if it is working as expected. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gawrshh!!! Yep, same mistake, duh: Except, I was trying open in new window. :shame:rotfl!

We’re in good company… Henk must have tried/failed similarly :slight_smile: (Shows how often I use those features)

Yes, I often use middle click to open in tab. Mostly the New Posts and then from that list to the threads again.

But I doubt that the 404 behaviour this gives was ever seen by the designer as being a proper way to tell the user that he is not expected to use those middle/right clicks on these items. :frowning:

Are we still agreeing that it shouldn’t be like this ? :D.

When this is in fact a scroll down menu, then that is not HTML, but client side scripting (included in the downloaded page). And that script should take care of middle/right clicking by doing something understandable to the user, but it should never result in an HTTP error 404.

Yes, Henk makes a good point here.

Yes, I fully agree. There should be something to let us middle/right-clickers know or see other than a 404 error telling us that a 404 error page could not be found.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, I tend to do just that, myself – although, I have a long-formed habit of opening in new windows instead of tabs. Just a personal preference. I also developed that habit for times when I am going through something interesting on a page and stop to follow a link out of that page by opening in a new window, so I do not lose my place in the original page.

Looks like we are reaching such a consensus.:wink:

That is also something that should not happen in a decent web-site.

When a client requests a page that does not exist, there are two possibilities offered by most web servers:

  • as web manager do nothing particular and let the server do it’s default action for such a missing web page: send an HTTP error 404 “not found” to the client (where the client then shows something of that nature to the user);
  • or, using a feature in the server, create a decent, explaining and fitting your house style error page (or more, there are a few HTTP errors more to cover, like 403 “forbidden”) and configure the server to send that instead of a non existing page.

Real stupid is configuring the server that it should send an error page and then not providing that error page >:(

But I would already be glad when the problem addressed in this thread would be solved.