Button authenticate don't appear on browser

After upgrade opensuse to 15.1, when I connect to a network that needs https authentication the browser don’t show messages to open it, are there any way to do the authentication page manually?

I assume that you’re talking about connecting to an authentication web page when you’re connecting to a public (usually) WiFi hot spot.

Typically the problem is not the browser itself, but a re-direction that requires a working LAN DNS server.
You can avoid the re-direction by entering the IP address of the authentication page directly in your web browser.
Best way I’ve found to find that IP address is to use another machine (often a MSWindows machine), once the page displays on this alternate machine you should see the address in the browser’s address bar. If it’s an IP address, then that’s what you want for your openSUSE machine, type in the exact same URL you see and you should connect.
If the address isn’t an IP address, then you may need to do some sleuthing to discover the IP address so you can type that into your openSUSE web address or figure out what the DHCP problem is (most of the time impossible to get this kind of support for public WiFi hot spots).

Assuming you’re on your own, you’ll have to use nslookup on the Windows machine or some other method to identify the IP address of the web authentication page so you can enter it on your openSUSE (in your /etc/hosts file for a more permanent solution or type directly in your web browser if you don’t intend to use this hot spot again).