Bust the dust!

Not a request for help, rather a tale of caution…

Today I tried to do an online update, and packages couldn’t install. I figured since it’s about time I moved on to Leap 15.1, I would install that, and everything would be fine. Well, the same thing happened during the installation. Remembering a weird problem I had in the past due to dust in the SATA connectors and / or cables, I blasted out the dust. To my relief, the installation went just fine! This makes the second time dust has caused serious problems. So, keep your computer clean, including the cable ends and connectors!

Moving to General Chit-Chat as not a request for help.

Yes, dust can be a problem.

My desktop is like a vacuum cleaner – it suck in dust. And that can cause overheating and possibly other problems.

I’m not sure about my laptop, as I have never opened it up to look. But it probably sucks in dust, too.

With laptops I would say it’s a bigger problem. They are smaller in general and less space for dust to accumulate. Also they overheat way easier in my experience :slight_smile: