Burning to dvd: x86-64 bit M5 image too large

Has anyone been able to burn the x86-64 bit iso image to disc?
I see it’s got a bug report in for someone using Windows - is this the same for linux?

Bugs:Most Annoying Bugs 11.2 dev - openSUSE


Looks no good at moment.
I’m only posting the above info for others. You probably seen them already.

I think I got around it by editing the .iso and removing the 2 windows .exe files (no good in linux) and saving the new .iso.
I need to reinstall the milestone to give a bug report on ldap services!
M3 installed fine but m4 and M5 seem to have problems. The live gnome just gives a blank screen and no keyboard with my hardware. And the thing is, I really liked the look of the new 11.2 on m3!