Burning Live CD isos to a DVD

Is this possible?
I have a friend who is interested in Linux but all they have is blank DVD’s and no regular burning CD’s
Is it possible to make a live CD iso to work on a DVD?
AND is it possible for them to burn multiple isos to the same DVD?

Yes it will work if the BIOS can boot off a DVD. Some older BIOSes can’t boot off the DVD even though they can read the DVD just fine in normal operation.

To be able to boot off multiple images on a DVD you need a primary bootloader that can transfer to the various boot images. There are CDs carrying multiple boot images that use this technique. This sort of DVD you would have to construct yourself. For an example, have a look at how the Ultilex Linux CD is constructed.

He can boot DVD, I gave him my copy of Ubuntu I got in the official Ubuntu book to try out.
Its on a live DVD