Burning ISO image file to DVD


I am new to these forums so please be patient with me!

I have the ISO file of SUSE Linux on disk. How do I burn it as a CD Image on DVD? I am using Nero StartSmart Essentials software.

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Burning ISO with Nero - Google Search


I dont use nero but i think the essentials version does not allow you to burn *.iso files.

If this is the case, use this program instead, its free and quite easy to use.

The Official ImgBurn Website

or use K3B.

He has nero essentials, hence he must be using windows.

Well, that is what i have assumed.

Sorry, I do not know very much about windows, so I did not assume that. And worse, he did not tell!

Sorry about the confusion! Yes, I was using Windows Vista.

And I got beyond this issue.

Thanks for all the help.