Burning CD/DVD

Hello, I’m currently unable to burn any media to CD or DVD, There is a message that appears when I have added the files and I go to burn them: Error Writing To Disc - There Was An Error Writing To Disc, The Recorder Could Not Be Accessed.

I have tried it with Brasero and CD/DVD Creator. Any help would be great, thanks.

If you’re using k3b I would go first to Setting->Configure k3b->Device and check if your recording device is recognized.

I’m using Brasero for burning, when I can get it to work that is.:frowning:

I gues there is a way to check if Brasero supports and recongnizes your burning device, it must be somewhere in settings. Try to find out first if your device is listed.


maybe it helps when you add your user to the cdrom group. I had also an issue with burning but with k3b: the cd recorder disappeared after inserting an empty cd. After adding cdrom group all works fine.

Hope this helps

On Brasero (ncb and probably k3b) restarting HAL fixes that problem it’s a HAL problem not from this applications.