burn dvd without 4 GB limit

I downloaded and installed 10.2 that I am using now. Wish to upgrade to 11.1. Downloaded 11.1 to harddisk but KBE3 says there is a 4 gig limit. What other burner can I use. I have Phillips dvd+r dl and the double density disc in the dvd drive but the K software seems to be the problem.
Thank you for any help or new burner software.

There is no limit. What file system have you save the dvd .iso to?
The 11.1 DVD is 4.3GB and burn to a standard dvd-r using k3b

Index of /distribution/11.1/iso

You are trying to burn the iso to disk as a file. Don’t create a data-dvd, just burn the image to disk. It’s available from the top menu in k3b.

At least, that’s what I think is going on…