Burn a DVD from an ISO but with fewer files


I’ve got an iso of a bootable dvd. I can mount it and look at the files. I want to burn the iso to a new bootable DVD except I don’t want all of the files on the original to go to the new DVD.

How do I make that happen?


Hi swerdna,

I think isomaster (in Packman repo) can do that.


Three ways I’d handle this -

  1. If you can find an ISO editor (not sure if isomaster can do that or
    not, haven’t looked), then that would be the easiest way.

  2. Mount the ISO using either a loopback mount or fuseiso (I prefer the
    latter because it doesn’t require root to mount the iso) and then
    selectively burn the files you want. You’ll also need to make the disc
    bootable and use the boot image from the original disc.

  3. Mount the iso and copy the files off, organise as desired, and then
    either burn or master an ISO that’s modified. Probably the messiest way
    to do it, but it would also work and you’d have an ISO of the final disc
    you’re trying to burn (of course, you could do #2 and then rip the iso
    when done)


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Thanks to you both. I tried isomaster and got a DVD product which wouldn’t boot. It might have something to do with UDF being in there somewhere. (That is stuff that I don’t understand). My motivation was that the source was too big for a 4.8Gb standard DVD. Maybe I should just try a double layer DVD and not mess with the contents.