Bumblebee with Nuveau?

after installing Bumblebee the Smithfarm Way, I’ve experienced three or four times kernel panic at boot, doing other activity as importing data from usb hd while on battery, slow down the desktop environment in a very bad mode

the machine is a Dell Precision M4800 with Nvidia K1100 Optimus, openSUSE 13.1 KDE 64 bit

reeding Bumblebee project FAQ pages I found it is stated that using Nuveau is easier than the proprietary driver who require some more adjustement

I found the software.opensuse.org page with 1 click install and I’m a little bit confused on what to do

I’m not interested on installing Nvidia Proprietary driver, Nuveau I think is ok for my need

What to do? Is there a way to install Bumblebee keeping Nuveau? :slight_smile:

Yes. You can install Bumblebee and use the Nouveau driver. Have a look at this wiki under Tips and tricks for configuring nouveau instead of nvidia.https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/nouveau#Tips_and_tricks

Hi Romanator,
the section Tips and Tricks seems is not applying to Optimus cards, in fact there is a link below for that

anyway I tried it and it left me with the konsole login at reeboot… than I used a Kubuntu live to remove the comment in modprobe.d and delete the file created in X11, I didn’t know how to do it from Konsole

after that I booted again in openSUSE :slight_smile:

During the kernel panic use dmesg to view. Example: optirun -v --debug glxgears
Did you see divide by zero?

Hopefully, in the near future we will see an Nvidia driver do the switching without the need of Bumblebee.
Another option where there is some conversation is the kernel handling the switching. We will see…

Ref: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Bumblebee#Installing_Bumblebee_with_Intel.2FNouvea