Building packages for ARM embedded platforms

I recently installed openSUSE Leap-15.3 on my Cubieruck SBC. My goal is to receive some RF soignals using GNU Radio. and RTLSDR dongle. I found allmost all packages I need except gr-osmosdr. Is it possible to configure OBS to do this?
I can see similar packages as gr-iqbal already in the repository:
[FONT=courier new]S | Name | Type | Version | Arch | Repository
| gr-iqbal-devel-doc | package | 0.37.2+git.20191101-bp153.1.1 | noarch | Main Repository
| python3-gr-iqbal | package | 0.37.2+git.20191101-bp153.1.1 | armv7hl | Main Repository


In your OBS home project? Just create a link to the package maintained in

Or are you confused, and just want to install the package? If so your would add the hardware:sdr repo for your release to install.

I mantain some packages for hardware:sdr, hamradio and electronics. I already have the package branched, but it is “unresolvable” with all dependencies not found. I tried to add the openSUSE:Leap:15.3/ports repository but it didn’t help.

Perhaps the change from openSUSE:… to just 15.3, check the repositories and add 15.3 and see if that helps.

I tested this on another repository, that I recently coverted from “Leap 15.3” to “15.3” and results are the same,everything is building excepf for arm7l. After adding openSUSE:Leap:15.3/ports project, red triangles are appearing in “Build results” tab, indicating something bad. See

Then you might want to head over to the Arm or Build Service Mailing list or libera IRC channels and ask…