Building packages and setting up a package repository for OpenSUSE: general question


I’m a long-time Linux user, started out on Slackware 7.1 back in 2001 and used mainly Slackware and CentOS for many years. Last year I decided to move all my desktop installations to OpenSUSE Leap, and I’m quite happy with it.

When using Slackware and CentOS, I knew how to build my own packages. Under Slackware, I wrote my own SlackBuild shell scripts to build stuff from source. Under CentOS, I knew how to build my own RPM packages either from SRPM packages or from .spec files. I had my own little repository for stuff that I couldn’t find elsewhere.

What’s the orthodox way in OpenSUSE to build stuff? Most of the more exotic stuff I can find in more or less trustworthy third-party package repos, but I’ve reached a point where I’d like to centralize all this. I’m running OpenSUSE Leap on all my desktops, and on the latest count, I’m managing roughly fifty desktop clients running Leap. These are meant to be regularly managed, e. g. when Leap 15.2 becomes available, they will be upgraded, etc.

Is the OpenSUSE build service the way to go here? I’m no lamer for RTFM, so a curt “yes definitely” or “nope” will do.



You can use the OBS or build your packages locally.
It depends on you.

I think better and easier is to use OBS, because you can add a new Distribution and all will be build and published for the new Distribution automatically.

Well, you can install and use osc to build locally and yet use OBS