Building file spec for kazam-1.4.5

Hi, how can I build a file spec for kazam-1.4.5 ? I have found an old file spec for kazam-1.0.6, I can use it for building kazam-1.4.5.rpm ?
Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
If you download the src rpm and modify the spec file (you will need to change to python3 names in the BuildRequires), should work… What desktop environment are you planning to use this on?

I have modified python3 in the BuildRequires, ma it doesn’t work ( I wanted to use it on opensuse leap 42.2 gnome.

The following error is reported

error: line 23: Unknown tag: Reguires: python3-gi

There is a typo in the spec file: Try replacing Reguires in line 23 with Requires.

That said, I would also check whether ‘python3-gi’ is the full name of the package. A package of that name doesn’t show up when I do a package search.

I wondered if using Gnome, use the built-in ‘kazam-like’ feature…? Press ctrl+alt+shift+r to start, same again to stop, check in ~/Videos for the resulting Screencast-<date>-<time>.webm file. No need for kazam… hence reason why it hasn’t been updated.

After that I press ctrl+alt+shift+r the program closed itself after few seconds. I have found a program called “simplescreenrecorder” that it works well and it’s in official repo.