building dogtail

I’m trying to build dogtail and I need python bonobo and python libglade. Any idea what package provides these?

What opensuse version are you using?

I’m using openSUSE 11.0 on the build service. The project builds fine there is a dependency at runtime to bonobo. Fedora has a separate python libbonobo.

It looks as if libbonobo is under the normal OSS repo, have you checked to see if it is installed. I don’t see a specific python bonobo though. As for libglade if you still need it, seems that is also under the main OSS repo.

Doing a google search implies it should be in gnome-python but I can’t find this what I keep finding is gnome-python-desktop. Which doesn’t seem to have it looking at gnome-python it seems to include it.

Both webpin and obs search weren’t helping. Webpin

Might need to do a tar.gz though do find it a little strange that there is gnome-python-desktop perhaps I just keep missing it.

I believe the required libraries are included with the libbonobo and libglade packages. These both can be found in the OSS repository.

Thanks for your help.

You need to add

Requires:    python-gnome

to the spec of your package.

BTW, pin respectively webpin is the tool to solve such questions.