Building distro

Hello everybody! Any Linux user please suggest:
I use OpenSuse 11.2. Iy does not support turkmen language and even there is no turkmen keyboard layout. Now I want to add these properties to the existing distro and pack new distro (installation dvd for turkmens). Can anyone suggest me where to start to pack new distro, which programs to use, and how can I add turkmen keyboard layout??? Would be very glad if anyone could help me. Thanks before for any information.

Have you tried with susestudio? Welcome – SUSE Studio

Have you tried Pardus? It is built in Turkey. It has it’s own home grown control center similar to Yast. Pardus TÜB

I have tried SUSE STUDIO, but it also does not support turkmen language. Has anyone any ideas? Is there package like UCK(Ubuntu Customization Kit) for OpenSUSE? And how can I create turkmen language keyboard layout???