Building 11.2 M7 audio system

I am building a 32-bit audio system from the “ground up” using 11.2 Milestone 7. A few questions:

  1. What kernel should I use? The processor is a 1.7 GHz Athlon XP, but it only has 512 MB of RAM, so I don’t think I need PAE.

  2. I’m hoping to avoid both Gnome and KDE. They’re too bloated and I’ve heard really bad things about all the stuff built in to make life “convenient” for folks who want to browse multimedia web sites. I want to make multimedia and play the stuff back. What desktop should I use? Right now, I’m considering Enlightenment, WindowMaker, LXDE and IceWm. XFCE is overkill.

I recommend getting a SUSE Studio account and building from there, you
could then pull in a later kernel as required (or wait until 11.2

I prefer WindowMaker for a lightweight GUI :slight_smile:

I have no issues with Gnome and multimedia, on this system I do use the
fluendo-codec bundle. On the ASUS 1000HE netbook running 11.2 using
gecko-mediplayer plugins and gnome-mplayer don’t have any issues. I
also use a USB HDTV device with smplayer to watch free to air digital

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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I have a SUSE Studio account. I really want to do this with 11.2 M7 to wring out the audio paths – I can do it with 11.1 if 11.2 is seriously broken, but I’m not expecting it to be.

I ran WindowMaker when I was on Gentoo, and also experimented with Enlightenment (“E16”). But Gentoo’s versions of both are a little more “enhanced” than what’s in openSUSE, and I’m really thinking LXDE is a more modern lightweight desktop. The fact that Ubuntu has a “Lubuntu” (LXDE Ubuntu) coming out convinced me that perhaps LXDE is a better choice than WindowMaker or Enlightenment. I’d rather not do IceWM – the fonts are ratty and hard to read.