Build Service seems for developers only?

I just want to make a make a openSUSE 11.2 KDE4 rpm for Comix but the Build Service wants to make a project page and stuff. This isn’t my project or software and I am not a developer. I just want to be able to read my manga.

comix-4.0.4 requires pyGTK which I can’t find in my repositories to install. I thought perhaps the build service would be able to provide this and make the hooks needed to make it play with openSUSE 11.2 and KDE 4.3 like it does in KDE 3.5.

I can see not supporting KDE 3.5 as it no longer in development but stuff that was available in KDE 3.5 ought to be able to install in KDE 4.3. Transitioning to openSUSE 11.2 from 11.1 should not be such a pain in the rear.

errr, this may not be your software/project but it becomes a project when you want to package it… it becomes a packaging project so yes, you need to have an account and setup a project for this. If you don’t want to do this or don’t want to offer it to the community, then package locally with rpmbuild :wink:

I would still need the pyGTK to build the package which my repositories don’t provide. The program is actually built with a python script.

Well its not intuitive to what I should do so so I am deleteing the “project” pay me no mind.

I may have to move over to Ubuntu and give up on KDE.

A actual step by step how to on using the build service ought to be front and center. I am sure others would like this software built for openSUSE 11.2

wow, so you can’t package a small program and for this you’re dropping a whole distro?? That’s amazing :O. The OBS is actually very easy to use

  1. you register
  2. you create your project to package
  3. you write the spec file for it
  4. you add the systems you want to build for using the web interface
  5. you upload the compressed tarball & spec file using the web interface
  6. it starts building automatically

of course, there’s osc (the cli client for OBS) which is much more powerful and offers a lot more options than the web interface

Do a bit of SUSE wiki reading, mate :wink:

Also, if it’s too hard for you, you can always request Packman to package the program you want :wink:

The wiki was plain as mud to me.

Yes I am getting fed up with the whole KDE4 thing. I was quite happy with KDE 3.5. It seems KDE has meant less software and everything locked down and our way or the highway. You can’t even seem to migrate from openSUSE 11.1 top 11.2 that easily.

Then install KDE3 on 11.2. There are a few threads on here that will show you how. No matter to which other distro you go, KDE3 won’t be available for long anymore so you’ll either have to adopt to KDE4 or switch to another desktop environment

Well I may install Gnome but I never got the Gnome way of doing a desktop. Linus went there.

The package for PyGTK is called “python-gtk” in the repositories. Why do you have KDE3-dependencies for Software which uses PyGTK?

On Sun, 10 Jan 2010 05:16:01 +0000, FlameBait wrote:

> Well I may install Gnome but I never got the Gnome way of doing a
> desktop. Linus went there.

But at the same time you say you might give up on KDE and move to Ubunutu

  • you do realise that Ubuntu is primarily a GNOME-based distribution,
    don’t you? :wink:

Instead of threatening to leave if you can’t figure something out, it
might be more constructive to ask questions about how to do what you want
to do.


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