Build Service not updated since five days ago!!!

Hi Everyone!

I’m loosing something or falling down myself or is build service not updated since september the 9th/10th???
Is there something wrong?
Are new builds moved somewhere else?

Could you explain?

Thank you and have a nice day,



kernel source code is posted:
kernel-source- 10-Sep-2009 05:57 60M

but binary files are still not builded… :wink:

There was a planned power outage last week-end.

It might take a while for OBS to update/build the packages.

Also, the publisher service of OBS has not been restarted yet. So packages will get built, but won’t be published. I don’t know when it will be reenabled.

I know about the power outage, but I didn’t find anything about the build service status directly in the news…

All seemed to be ok…

Only now I have clicked and read the power outage news
openSUSE News » Power Outage in Nuernberg Office

in which I could have found the answers I was looking for…

Sorry about my unuseful posts…