Build Service Issue

in the build service, there is a package for OCSInventory, client, ipdiscover.

There are several requires for them, which I have no problem installing except one. dmidecode If I install the dmidecode 2.10.5 package also in the buildservice, it conflicts with several packages use by the HAL system. Is this how a package is supposed to be built for the build service? Include packages that will break other aspects of a currently working system?

I need OCS agent, but not at the cost of breaking my system.

search for packages opensuse 11.0 ocsinventory and dmidecode.

Have you got pmtools installed, if you do what is the dmidecode
version? I’m running 11.1 which has 2.9, the requirement is for >2.0

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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