Build packman version of ffmpeg-5 myself

There is a problem in the current version of ffmpeg-5, so I would like to fix it and build one for myself. I know how to use the official open build service, but the build is lacking some codecs which is typically included in packman version of the ffmpeg. How can I fix my ffmpeg based on the packman build?

Several questions:

  • What is the problem?
  • Why you only want to build this package for yourself if you believe that it is a general problem?
  • Why don’t you report it to the maintainers at packman so that all people can take advantage of a fixed package?

I have already created a request to fix this: Request 1043706: Submit ffmpeg-5 - openSUSE Build Service

However, in my experience, this takes days to weeks to process, and it also takes a bit of extra time to get to the packman repo. And I would like to use this right now :slight_smile:

Your request got declined as it would brake the package again. The build-dependency for sdl2-devel was removed on purpose as it breaks the package build.

:frowning: Then I have an even stronger reason to build my own version of ffmpeg since I am not sure how that can be fixed properly. The removal of sdl2-devel completely breaks my daily use of ffmpeg.