Build.O.O Home Projects not mirrored anymore?

Hello! I noticed my packages for OpenProject aren’t being mirrored anymore (except for the NLUUG mirror). Looking at the repository on the Provo, Utah mirror, for example, it seems the mirror hasn’t been synchronizing (at least for my project) for a couple of months. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem since would just serve the packages itself, but because I made the mistake of disabling and then re-enabling builds on OBS, the package build version counter got reset and so redirects to a mirror that serves an out-of-date package that doesn’t match the checksum in the repo metadata, so zypper rejects it. Is this issue known? I probably can’t do much to help but if I can I’d be happy to.

Several parts of our infrastructure assume that you dont have different files published under the same name (and maybe even size), but it can happen ocasionally from various reasons, e.g. I once filed

The quick workaround is to do “osc wipebinaries” or to add a space or newline character somewhere and get a new version out, so the mirrorbrain redirector can see that the provo version is old.

The new mirrorcache redirector seems to be smarter about it. shows just the Nuremberg file.

Edit: I also see the file mirrored on widehat, gwdg,,

Edit2: mirrorcache is not smarter. It redirects to both new and old files that even have different sizes.

I was thinking about all these scenarios and concluded that it isn’t worth the effort to try top quality of .metalink response, because it is zypper’s job to check correctness of mirrors from the list anyway.
Regarding response when asking for the file directly - mirrorcache can check quality of response when PEDANTIC=1 parameter is given, i.e. first response below shows incorrect file, while second is correct:

~> curl -IL '' 
~> curl -IL '' 

Hey, sorry I missed these responses; I was only following the mailing list thread (link).

But this does not explain why the actual openproject package, which I updated multiple times, never got synced. doesn’t show any mirrors for it now.

Interesting; I did not know about the PEDANTIC parameter in the query string. Is that part of MirrorBrain? But again, what about packages that have undergone actual changes and still aren’t syncing?

Thanks for your help!

Per Jessen from the Heroes mailing list opened an issue for this: