Build Kernel Modules into Kernel...

Hi all, I was just wondering… is it possible to build kernel modules directly into the kernel itself? I have a kernel module (i810fb) that i want to build into the kernel statically. My graphics card (intel i815) doesn’t support vesafb, so I’m forced to use the i810fb that is compiled into the kernel as a module. However, the i810fb module doesn’t get loaded at boot time because of a bug… :(. Does anyone know how or if I can compile modules into the actual kernel itself without recompiling the whole entire kernel? Thanks.

Hi, don’t know the right answer, but why don’t try to load the module your self, here How to: Compile Linux kernel modulesare some info how to compile and load modules. As far as I know (let others correct me :)) any messing with kernel would require to recompile it and if you are not an expert on this I wouldn’t recommend it.

Yes, you can build modules into the kernel which will also increase its size - this can be done during kernel configuration. No, you can’t build modules into the kernel without recompiling it