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Hi, folks,
I’m pretty new to the openSuSE Build Service, so please go easy on me if this is a question I ought to be familiar with. I have a couple of packages that have some dependencies not included in the OBS default environment. For example, one package requires the php5-devel package in order to build correctly. Another needs unzip or jar. My spec files have these requirements spelled out, but when the build service attempts to build the package I get an error that it’s unable to find the php5-devel package, for example. How do I tell the build environment to install this package?

Thanks - Nick

That would indicate those packages are not part of the standard
install. Therefore you either need to package them up in your
repository, or create a link to the appropriate package in an
alternative repository on the build service.

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I started trying to create a link, but I’m having trouble figuring out where the php5-devel package is in the repositories, and how, exactly, I specify a repository (the interface doesn’t provide a lot of help in that area).

It depends on the version of php-devel your wanting. Seems strange
though if you using the standard build as version 5.2.6 is there.

Normally you need to build the main package to get the associated devel

Say for example your wanting the version from server:php, so
you would click the ‘[Link Package from other Project]’, then;

Name of original project: server:php
Name of package in original project: php

Then hit create link, you will then get a new package added,
remember to edit the repositories you want built.

Then wait for the build to finish and then move onto the next…

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Change BuildPrereq for BuildRequires.

BuildRequire it, you aren’t.

Awesome - seems to have worked for one of the packages, which is a really good sign - just waiting on the others to make it to the top of the queue list and I think we’ll be good to go!