Bugs in Kaffeine concerning DVB-T


I’m from Germany. The channel ZDF get only a very bad signal. It’s terrible if you (try) watching the EM.:eek: In some forums you can read that maybe the new libxine-Update is responsible. Someone has reported that a downgrade from (Kaffeine or libxine?) was successful. Is this recommended ?

Another bug: When i switch the channels, sometimes the sound turned off. I have to restart Kaffeine and it’s working again, but it’s a little bit annoying…

Has anybody similar problems and perhaps a solution?

Greetings Nagilum

What about try using vlc ?
It should be able to play dvb as well and it is not xine based. (as far as i know)

Have no experiance with it, because DVB-T is not available in Karlsruhe. T_T

For the sound problem. Is kde using pulseaudio as well ? If yes do you have the libxine-pulseaudio plugin and set the output correctly? I think that that might cause the sound turn of when switching channels.
If kde does not use pa, take a look at the sound output of xine, too.

I’m not using the pulse audio package. I should note that the problem has arised with openSuse 11.0. With 10.3 everything works fine. In future i should participate in testing the release candidates. :wink:

I think i have to wait for updates…


There is a new update of libxine.:slight_smile: Everything works fine again.

Greetings Nagilum