Bugs in 10.3 seems not to fix it anymore

I installed 11.1 on my machine, but It had so many bugs it was impossible work with it.

Also, my cd recorder doesn’t work with 11.1, so I had to install 9.3 to download 10.3 and record into a DVD.

Now I am in 10.3 (thinking is my solution) and it works all fine… except this…

A red icon appears at the bottom right on my screen indicating that there are updates available

The first bug:
dbus-1, explanation: This update of dbus-1 fixes a vulnerability caused by applying the policies incorrectly. (CVE-2008-0595)

  1. dhcpcd: dhcpcd log messages do not contain any information about the concerned network interface.

  2. libqt4: This update fixes crashes during adding/removing CRTCs or resizing the current CRTCs.

  3. openmotif22-libs: This patch contains the 64bit package of the old version 2.2.4 Open Motif runtime environment. You just need that package if you have software which doesn’t recompile with the new openmotif version.

By default I have selected 1 and 3.

I select install. (To install the patches)

A progress download bar is displayed.

Everything looks like the bug was fixed… but…

The red icon on the bottom right on the screen is displayed again… and if I clicked on it, and see the details, the same errors are shown.

Please help!!

when asked for the root password UNCHECK the remember password box

Well, I didn’t try. Instead, I read another forum and thy say something that I have lo login as root and type:

zypper -t package (or something lke that)

and the problem was solved.

Thanks for your feedback :wink: