Buggy Dialup Software

O/S version: 11.2
Modem: US Robotics 5610 56Kb
Service Provider Teksavvy

Using the dialup default Suse PPP daemon smpppd and the Kinternet front end from the install DVD, I am unable to send email. The message is no route to host (i.e teksavvy’s smtp server smtp.teksavvy.com). A Wireshark trace shows the connection is “administratively filtered”. Note that Kinternet/smpppd uses wvdial.

Interestingly, if wvdial is invoked as root from the command line, I am then able to access the smtp server (!!!). If wvdial is invoked as a normal user, I cannot access the smtp server.

Finally, the alternate KPPP dialer front end which uses pppd instead of smpppd works fine also (no wvdial is involved).

On a related note, Ubuntu with wvdial as either root or user, I cannot access the Teksavvy smtp server at all. KPPP works fine with Ubuntu.

Seems like there is a problem with the distributions automated install program in setting authorizations / permissions. What’s really strange is that only port 25 (smtp) seems to be affected - POP (110), http (80) etc. work fine. The problem started around Dec 1st 2009 about the time Teksavvy tightened up port 25 to reduce spam.

Beats me.