Bug with the application menu

Hello, recently I was trying to take a screenshot with a mac keyboard and I must have pressed some key combinations or something but when i click on the application menu there’s not a single app where it used to show the recent/favourite apps, when I try to search an app in the search bar it won’t find any and when I try to open any file it will always ask for the app to use, how can i possibly solve this?

I’m not sure what you are looking for.

If you want to make a fresh start and setup your desktop from scratch, then:

rm -rf .config
rm -rf .local
ls -ld .??*

This is to be done as a normal user in your home directory. The first two command remove the major settings files. The third command lists other files that may or may not be related to your problem. If you want to reset those, remove them also.

Best to do this while not logged into your desktop. You could logout, then login to “Icewm” to remove those settings files. Then when you logout from “Icewm” and login to your usual desktop again, the settings will be recreated. And you can have fun remembering all of the settings changes that you once made.

Your choice, of course, whether to do this. I usually do something like that on every new openSUSE release, so that I can get a taste of the new defaults.

Hi, welcome

Which desktop environment are we talking about? KDE? GNOME? ???