Bug update: this requirement cannot be provided

Every day or so I am notified of bug fixes and updates. However, there is one persistently there which I cannot install: KDE-applications version 14.12.1 in openSUSE-2015-85-1. I get the message

Failed to process request with the detail libsmokekde3-4.14.3-4.11.x86_64 requires libokularcore.so.5()(64bit), but this requirement cannot be provided

Is there any way that I can keep KDE up to date? I use XFCE for the user interface, but use some KDE programs.

Assuming your on openSUSE 13.2, it should be at 4.14.3 via updates, you say your at 14.12.1 which is the reason for the issue. Maybe a stale mirror, or maybe force a refresh?

zypper -f ref
zypper patch
zypper up

Please file a bug report.

The okular 4.14.x package included in standard 13.2 contains libokularcore.so.5, so the other packages in 13.2 which use okular need exactly this libokularcore.so.5.
But in okular 14.12.x (as installed by the update) that library is named libokularcore.so.6 now.

All packages that build against okular have to be rebuilt against the new one and released as update as well.
This seems to have been overlooked by the KDE maintainers…

Btw, the same problem exists with calligra-extras-okular, no idea whether there are other packages as well.

You should be able to update your system if you uninstall libsmokekde3. This should only be required by ruby-kde4, which in turn is only needed if you want to use KDE4 applications/plasmoids written in ruby.
The only other way would be to either keep okular at version 4.14.3 or “break libsmokekde3 by ignoring some of its dependencies”, which you should be able to choose if you use YaST or zypper to update.

PS: There already is one: