Bug: scheduling while atomic: swapper

I have just installed open suse 13.2 version 32 bit.

However, I keep seeing multiple following failures during boot up:
"Bug:scheduling while atomic: swapper/0/0/0x0000010f

I am fairly new to this. Is there anyway that i can further narrow the problem down?

Tell us about your hardware and how you are partitioned ( fdisk -l is useful)???

Is it actually causing a problem?

Below are the partition info and the hw info.

Basically, the problem is that I can’t boot up after I installed 13.2 via USB. I am not sure whether the error msg (“Bug:scheduling while atomic: swapper/0/0/0x0000010f”) is really the cause of the problem. is there any additional way to root cause the problem?

partition @ http://www.imagebam.com/image/9fd5d9471414513


hw info @ http://www.imagebam.com/image/2a48de471414490


Still need to know about the machine/ Do you have enough memory? what video card? anything else that may not be standard PC

  • I think I have enough memory, below is the breakdown of the partition:

/dev/sda1: 2G
/dev/sda2: 40G
/dev/sda3: 256G

  • my graphic card is using ATI -RV635

  • everything on my PC is all the same as when I bought it. I didn’t install any new thing.

Still a bit foggy. Memory is Ram not disk space.

And why 32 bit is this an old machine?

Remember we can not look over your shoulder

Also did you check the checksum of the down load and if you used a DVD to install did you run the media check?