Bug report: Cannot login with KDE, always get "Couldn't start ksmserver"

Setup: two Dell U3216Q monitors, “NVIDIA Corporation G98 [Quadro NVS 420] (rev a1)”, nvidia-gfxG03-kmp-default-340.96_k4.1.12_1-41.1.x86_64, Dell Precision T3500.

This has been reasonably stable for Gnome, a bit sluggish at times,and occasionally the desktop freezes up. However, with either KDE desktop login option, I get the lightbulb symbol for a while, then black screen, then the login environment. Sometimes there’s a twm-style window that says “Couldn’t start ksmserver” with an “Okay” button.

All updates have been applied as of this morning.

I’m about to file a bugzilla report, but saw that the Wiki directs me to post the details here first.

The chances are that there’s already an open bug report on this.

Login to Gnome or Icewm. Look for the file “.config/kwinrc” (under your home directory).

The chances are that the file exists, and contains a line:


If you find that line, then change the “false” to “true”, and see if you can now login.