[BUG] openSUSE Dark Plasma Style


Im very proud to switching back to Linux after 10 years macOS and Windows Pause, and everything is working fine to me.
But I like the dark theme, and the openSUSE Logo in the Startbar. But the Icons are not the same like Air openSUSE and Breeze Dark (Missing openSUSE Logo)

If I take Breeze Dark Global theme and Air openSUSE Plasma style, some fonts are to bright and cant be read. If I take the openSUSEdark Style its ok with fonts, but the Icons are not the same, there is also a Bug that Launcher Icons not have the same height like in Breeze or Air openSUSE Style. So I have to correct the bottom bar to 64 Pixels (waste of space) and the icons on the left side are too small or to big. There is also an openSUSE Plasma style but it cant be choosen the Air openSUSE is choosen after clicking on openSUSE plasma style.


You might submit a bug about the icons not displaying the right size to https://bugzilla.opensuse.org.
Be sure to provide detailed info about how it’s set up so someone else can replicate what you’re seeing.
And, if the fonts are part of an openSUSE branding, that should be emphasized, also.