Bug in vncmanager? If running no one can log in locally

Hello everyone,
I discovered something what looks like bug in vncmanager, or if not bug, then massive limitation; a limitation not clearly declared in the manual.
The issue is - when vncmanager service is running - users can log in ONLY using VNC, but not locally.

When vncmanager is running, and I attempt to login locally, GDM starts, shows standard login screen, with user list, but every login attempt ends with sudden return to GDM without any explanation and without any traces in logs. Any error whatsoever anywhere. Any warning, any hit. Just magical return back to GDM. But at the same time I was able to log in via VNC. It took me a lot of head scratching to figure out the culprit - vncmanager. When I disable the service, I was immediately able to login locally.

I really like vncmanager, I wanted persistent sessions and using vncmanager is an easy and straightforward solution. Well, at least it seemed to be. I set it us using this great manual:
4.4.2 VNC Session Initiated Using vncmanager

I use my box as a home server, experimental server, mostly accessing it by ssh or VNC, but it also doubles as my HTPC/Kodi box, because it sits next to my TV; and I also occasionally log in locally, using TV as monitor. If vncmanager is used, I cannot use it as Kodi box or log in directly. This means vncmanager would be a no-go for me and that’s a shame.

Should I report it as bug? Or did I overlook some setting somewhere?

It was reported as issue: https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1128989
and here: https://github.com/michalsrb/vncmanager/issues/2

Until fixed,
Recommend running you install a virtualization guest (Like Virtualbox).
You can then run your vncmanager in either your HostOS or Guest, and login locally to the other.

I’d probably recommend running your Kodi in a virtual machine anyway for easy backup*eg simply copy the virtual machine), portability (Can be moved to another machine running Virtualbox), isolation, more.