bug in nouveau (in opensuse leap DVD)

i see many users that opensuse leap have a serious bug when kde is loading, its just freeze in boot (after fresh install) but when i install nvidia drivers it work.

opensuse team, how do you missed that bug???

Won’t find developers here but the problem depends on the hardware.

I’ve always had problems with nouveau on most of my computers, I don’t think it’s specific to opensuse. I always disable it and never use it, always install nvidia driver.
However I’ve found Leap 42.1 to be the worst opensuse release in a very long time, so far I’ve only upgraded one of my computers. Plasma 5 is full of bugs.
I first did a zypper dup to tumbleweed, but it was so full of bugs that I decided to do a full reinstall to leap 42.1, don’t find it to be much better.
I sometimes have problems with the desktop locks up, the keyboard is still working, I can turn on or off caps lock, but nothing responds, so I have to do CTRL ALT BACKSPACE and return to the login screen.