Bug in NetworkManager KDE?

My laptop is setup with wireless connection and dhcp.
I try to do det simple thing to se the complete dhcp-configuration, but this is not possible in the NetworkManager. I only se my computers ip-adress, but noe the router-address, dhcp-server address or DNS-address.
I enter Edit-modus and when i try to open edit for activ connection, the NetworkManager crash and restart.

I guess this must be some sort of bug.
Anyone that can confirm this?

Hello ronnys,

well, … not me.

I’m currently running openSUSE 13.2 with kernel 4.2.3-4.g549889b-default x86_64, KDE 4.14.9, Networkmanager and plasma-nm on two machines (an eight year old laptop and a one year old desktop).

On none of those systems the problems you describe occur.

I had no problems to setup WLAN and LAN. Both networks work fine and plasma-nm (if properly configured) shows all the information you want to see.

So some more information about your system might help to analyse your problem in detail.

Best regards