Bug in NetworkManager-0.8-8.13.1.i586.rpm on 11.3

I upgraded NetworkManager to 8.13.1 on my openSUSE 11.3 netbook. I can see the networks when clicking on the knetworkmanager icon, but when I click on a network, nothing happens. Downgrading to NetworkManager 8.9.1 saves the issue.

Then why do you upgrade?

The update was offered by zypper as a security update (NetworkManager did not pin a certificate’s subject to an ESSID…). I usually update my software to keep my data safe.

That is a (very) valid reasin IMHO. But many people update software not only with security updates, but with everything that looks newer, just for the sake of it. (OTOH, finf the bugs and we updating a year later will not experience those bugs ;)).

I am not using NetwotkManager, thus I can not test for you. I have openSUSE 11.2 and it uses NM 0.8.2-15.24.1. I see 0.8.2-15.28.1 in the Update repo. It says there:

NetworkManager - NetworkManager security update

NetworkManager did not pin a certificate’s subject to an ESSID. A rogue access point could therefore be used to conduct MITM attacks by using any other valid certificate issued by same CA as used in the original network (CVE-2006-7246).
Please note that existing WPA2 Enterprise connections need to be deleted and re-created to take advantage of the new security checks.
NetworkManager did not honor the PolicyKit auth_admin setting when creating Ad-Hoc wireless networks (CVE-2011-2176)

Is this (especial the Please note part) of any use to you?

Sorry, I can do the same update you did, but while I am not using it, I can not test. I hope that others follow suite.

Probably not: after the upgrade, I cannot connect to WPA Personal either. Rebuilding a WPA2 Enterprise connection does not help in connecting to it.

It seems to be a rather recent security update (you know because liek me, you check that rergulary). Thus you may be the first that experience it.
Let us wait and see if more people join. In any case, the by-pass is allready posted by you above.

the security upgrade also knocked my wireless down.recreating a new link failed to bring my wireless back up !

I was hit this morning by this problem, too: knetworkmanager shows the wireless/3G/UMTS connections as normal, but selecting them just has no effect. knetworkmanager does not start the connection.

I’ll try the recommended downgrade to the last version, but this should definitely be fixed. Currently, one has the choice betwen “insecure” and “broken”, where neither is good.


Why do you ask irrelevant questions? It doesn’t matter, if someone upgrades because of the upgrade being recommended (as is the case here) or because they want to help testing new software or because they just look for “what is new out there”. A bug is a bug is a bug and should always be reported.

The original poster was even so nice as to check, which particular update rendered his wireless unusable by deliberately downgrading again. So, “choroba” behaved very well here and helps other users with the same problem to have an easy to “install” workaround. In exchange for his efforts and clear post, choroba definitely does NOT deserve being asked stupid and irrelevant questions.

Sorry for that rant, but I felt, it was necessary.