Bug in make -- how to update?


I have trouble with the make-program and a known bug, which apparently has not been patched in LEAP 15.1.
It is about setting MAKEFLAGS, as explained in https://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/html_node/Options_002fRecursion.html :

You can also set MAKEFLAGS in a makefile, to specify additional flags that should also be in effect for that makefile.

Now for the option “–jobs” (or “-j”) there was a bug introduced in Make version 4.2.1, as explained in

According to
this has been fixed in the Make-Git-repository (October 2017). On one of our machines we have Ubuntu 18.10 installed, and there this issue has been fixed for version 4.2.1.
But the bug is still in LEAP 15.1.

Has this been fixed in Tumbleweed? If so, is it possible to just use this single update from Tumbleweed?

Thanks for your help