Bug in libdbus update

Hi everybody! I recently came across a bug in libdbus.
It causes network manager to crash when adding a new wpa enterprise network, as described in this bugreport

I found out that downgrading package libdbus-1-3 from version 1.7.4-4.8.1 [openSUSE-13.1-Update] to version 1.7.4-4.4.1 [openSUSE] solves the problem.

Is this post enough as a bugreport? What should I do or who should I report this?
Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Bug reports go to http://en.opensuse.org/Submitting_Bug_Reports

But AFAIK the only change in that update is the fix for https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=857377 .
I.e. it removes /var/lib/dbus/machine-id and creates it as symlink to /etc/machine-id, as some programs have problems when those two differ.

I doubt that this could really cause your crash, since downgrading doesn’t revert this change anyway.
And that’s done in the packages post-install script, the actual libdbus is exactly the same (i.e. no source changes).

Have you tried to update again? Is the crash reproducible then?

PS: And this is done in the package “dbus-1” even. So the package “libdbus-1-3” should be exactly the same AFAICT.
Maybe the downgrade only fixed your crash by coincidence?

Mmm, this is even more awkward than I expected :S
I’ll give more details: before I opened this thread, I couldn’t connect to my university’s wpa2 wifi network, although it worked just fine until at least April 30th. I googled and found the bugreport linked above, where they discussed a similar problem and suggested it could be related to dbus, so I downgraded dbus and my laptop suddently connected to the university wifi.
At that point, I posted this thread; my error, I now realize, was to do not enough testing.

I tried to create a new wireless connection and networkmanager still crashes, then I re-upgraded libdbus1-3 and I can still connect to the wifi ::sarcastic:
This looks crazy enough to me, but seems to suggest my diagnosis was wrong and dbus is not the responsible for this…

Sorry for the mess!

Well, looks like the crash is rather random.

It could of course still be that dbus is responsible, but it’s definitely not caused by the available 13.1 update.

Or maybe it is caused by something else completely.

Yeah, probably. I filed a bugreport to KDE and found a very similar case which was supposedly solved in network manager in a version older than the one I am running now.
Thanks for help, I’ll go deeper in this if I can.