Bug in K3B 2.0.0 from Packman?

I could not burn a DVD with K3B.
I’m using openSUSE 11.3 and installed the latest K3B from Packman via Yast.
When I put an empty DVD in the tray, I get a notificatin in the KDE taskbar telling me that it detected an empty DVD.

When I start K3B and want to burn, it says: please insert an empty DVD medium

When I go to device → media info it shows me that there is an empty dvd in the tray!
Still I can not burn.
When I go to settings → configure → devices my burner is in the list of devices.
After I click on refresh, I still see the same burning device.
When I try again, I can burn…

When I close K3B and start it again, I have the same problem.
So, now I always have to click on refresh in settings → devices, despite
the burner is already detected and K3B knows that there is an empty DVD in the tray. Weird…

With 11.0 it always worked ok with te same hardware and the same DVD media.

Hello Teuniz

2 choises to do it richt the 11.3 way:

1 stop K3b, in device notifyer select burn with K3B (you have to click on the drive with the blank dvd a puldown menu gives you what can be done

  1. eject the dvd via device-notifyer then start K3b and when it ask for a dvd put the dvd in the drive