Bug in display (Image Magick) and Python Pilllow

Since some time there is a bug in tumbleweed that display and python pillow Image.show() shows images transparently. The images are only shown properly on dark background. This works for all images, even ones w/o transparency.

Also the menues of display are shown wrong.

My screenshot shows, based on https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:OpenSUSE_102.png

“display OpenSUSE_102.png” where the image and the dialog are half above a terminal with white background and a terminal with black background. But the effect is the same for any background (e.g. wallpaper).

I have tumbleweed with KDE, the effect is same with a fresh tumbleweed installation with mate.

Please tell me, where I shall submit a bug report.

This bug bites me quite annoying as it applies to my own python data (image) visualization tools via Pillow.


Edit: I have problems with the bug image link: http://paste.opensuse.org/55972315