[Bug] gnome-user-share/apache2

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Currently the Gnome fonction to share your $home/Public folder via the gnome panel (using a webdav share) is broken.
If you install gnome-user-share package and the suggested dependencies (apache2-prefork, apache2-worker and apache2-mod_dnssd) the option doesn’t work.

Logs indicate:
systemd: Started gnome-user-share WebDAV server.
httpd: httpd: Syntax error on line 11 of /usr/share/gnome-user-share/dav_user_2.4.conf: module unixd_module is built-in and can’t be loaded
gnome-user-shar: spawning httpd failed

Problem is related to the way apache2 is compiled (gnome-user-share waiting for mod_unixd and mod_mpm_prefork but this 2 modules seems to be included in the default apache2 installation).

The issue can be solved by removing (or comment) the line 11 and 12 in the /usr/share/gnome-user-share/dav_user_2.4.conf file, provided in the gnome-user-share package.
Additonnally, apache2-worker and apache2-mod_dnssd is enough to make it working.


Do you mind reporting the bug on the openSUSE Bugzilla, so that package maintainers are notified?

Also, welcome to the forums! :tada:

I dont know how to do it, that’s why i’ve created an account and posted here :slight_smile:

Oh no problem then!

You just:

  • go to the link I posted (opensuse bugzilla),
  • login with the same credentials you created for the forum
  • paste the entire text of your post to the “Description” field

It’s really a good report already (IMO) and on the forum this post has little to no possibility to be read by the specific package maintainers.

Thanks, it’s done

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That is fine. And thanks for posting the link here. Thus all here can find it and add info if they have some.