I installed version 11.1 on my computer, holding a Nvidia Geforce 7300 GT card. Attached to the digital connector is an Eizo S1910 and to the analogous connector a Philips 150S4. I installed the propriatary drivers of Nvidia and in Sax the Eizo is recognized as first monitor without problems. After selecting dual head (twin view), I wanted to select the Philips as second monitor in the list - not found. Vesa and “LCD” options did not work also. According to HKL/Monitor - openSUSE it had to run without problems, but what to configure?


Try configuring with nvidia-settings, it should be in your menu system
or run from the command line.

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Thanks Malcom,

I was able to configure the first and second monitor, but the Philips 150S4 was not recognized also in the nvidia-settings dialog. It was recognized as “CRT-0” with 800x600 resolution.


Just until some more expert help comes along, nVidia driver always labels anything connected to VGA D-Sub as a CRT, even if it is a flat panel